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Hilarious Quote About VP Palin and the N Judah, All In One Blog

Because I like to track all things MUNI related for The N Judah Chronicles, I have Google News Alerts for many N-Judah and MUNI related keywords. Sometimes they turn up unexpected gems like this:

“She claims she has foreign policy experience because she lives so close to Russia– but geeze, we have more Russians, Ukrainians, Moldovans and Lithuanians on the N-Judah bus line any given day in San Francisco than she has never encountered. If proximity to a foreign border gives you foreign policy experience, I think most of San Diego county is better qualified than she is.”

And that will end the discussing of the GOP Vice Presidential candidate on these pages. However, if she, or Sen. McCain, or for that matter Sens. Obama or Biden would like a tour of San Francisco on the MUNI system, I will avail myself and make sure they ride the N from Caltrain to the Ocean, and maybe take some detours into some of the more entertaining parts of Our Fair City.
If any of them actually did it, I’d be kinda impressed. I mean, can you imagine Sen. McCain fighting for that last open seat on a 30-Stockton?

Overheard: A definition of Sarah Palin….

I wish I’d come up with this myself, but someone more clever than I nailed it when asked to describe Gov. Sarah Palin: “The ideology and intelligence of Bush combined with the ruthless ambition of Richard Nixon. All wrapped up in nice clothes and big smiles.”

Random Late Night Thoughts About Democratic Conventions….

I ended up going outdoors now that the weather’s so nice so I’m watching Bill Clinton’s speech at the DNC’s Video Player page right now. Much has been made of Obama’s meteoric rise – from being unable to get a floor pass in 2000, to the keynote speaker in 2004, and now the nominee.
People forget, though, that Bill Clinton faced similar problems. When he made his big debut 20 years ago, his nominating speech for Gov. Mike Dukakis was considered a disaster – going on and on until finally he got the most applause for the words “In conclusion…” . He was smart enough to go on Johnny Carson to make fun of himself a little to contain the damage – but when he ran for President, most regarded him as a second-string candidate, who at best might be a Vice Presidential candidate. Surely this governor of a small state (LA County has a bigger population than Arkansas, as does King County Washington, and many other counties much less states!) didn’t have the experience to be President, they all said.
And yet, he beat Bush the First, and for the most part, things turned out OK. It wasn’t all perfect, to be sure, and he made mistakes, but from my experience, if one does not walk on water or turn water into wine, they are bound to make mistakes from time to time. However, bungling foreign and domestic policy the way Bush has earned him the title of Failwhale in Chief, and we’re going to pay the price for some time.
The point? Simply this – all the punditry and politicking and whatnot in the world really can’t predict what will or will not happen if a candidate is elected. People freaked at Clinton winning, but the apocalypse didn’t happen. Bush was the MBA President, and well….the rest is history.
Watching Clinton tonight reminded me of the one thing he’s always been able to do well – break down a campaign and explain what issues are at stake in an election, as he sees it, and do so in a way that’s easy to understand.
I will never forget seeing one of his last campaign speeches as President in Seattle with Blair Butterworth (veteran political strategist of the Northwest and one of the smartest people I know) and friends, and after all the bullsquat the Bush/Gore campaign was, break it all down and get people fired up one last time. You could tell all he really wanted to do is have 5 minutes one on one with W to give him the ass kicking he needed to keep his hands off the button. I’m sure he could have done it, but well….the rest is history.

David Chiu Rides A Bike

I was walking to one of my neglected WiFI haunts, Golden Gate Perk, and saw candidate David Chiu at the stoplight at Post and Kearny (and yes, he was observing the rules of the road and not running the stoplight).

Brave guy to be riding around there – the traffic is intense.

Chris Daly Can’t Even Renew His Own Domain!

Supervisor Daly was so busy becoming the Maximum Leader of SF’s left, bullying votes and the like at the local Democratic Party, and making 16 year old girls cry at public hearings, he managed to forget to renew his own domain!

Wow. And this guy wants to be Board President and run the electric system? Eeeeyah.

Spotted at Duboce and Guerrero – Fixie Bike Rider With Adama Shirt Spotted

How cool is this? I just got a call from a respected colleague that a fixie bike rider at Duboce and Guerrero here in SF was wearing one of my awesome Adama for President shirts.

That just like totally made my afternoon. Fixie bike rider, whoever you are, you rock.

For more fun, why not visit the Adama for President site, or check out our Facebook group!

Seems Like There’s a Nerdvana For Everyone This Summer…

A few days ago I joked around about my upcoming trip to the San Diego Comic-Con, aka Nerdvana, next week. From what I’ve been receiving in my inbox, thanks to the folks at Galactica Sitrep (and the magic press pass), it is going to be quite a scene with opportunites to meet all sorts of celebrities and enjoy something a bit different than a trip to Vegas.
Thanks to the magic of Facebook and Twitter, though, I could not help but notice a number of political blogger types are all in Austin, Texas for another “nerdvana” of sorts – the Netroots Nation gathering of Thoughtful Political Types who seems to be having as fun a time there as I would with my nerd brothers and sisters in San Diego.
And of course there’s the Nerdvanas that skew older (the DNC and RNC conventions this summer) and that big party in the desert.
It seems that truly there is a party for the like-minded to attend this summer. Have fun, everyone!

Burning Man, Shmurning Man – I’m Going to Nerdvana! With a Press Pass!

It’s lunchtime so I have a few minutes to post a short post…and since it’s Friday, no snooty snarky politics for me today…instead I’m going to let the nerd side express itself here as I have some news…not only am I going to the San Diego Comic-Con, I’ve got a press pass, thanks to the cool folks who run Galactica SitRep!

I don’t usually go to conventions – in fact although I enjoyed Battlestar Galactica (and have written about it for years now), when it comes to sci-fi, anime, movies of the Hollywood variety, and TV, I don’t automatically jump on the bandwagon of the latest Nerd Thing. In fact, despite my “nerd cred,” I really don’t like a good amount of what’s out there simply because it’s boring or juvenile.

However, I wanted to take a vacation to somewhere different this year, and when the chance came to go to Comic-Con, which boasts 3x as many attendees as Burning Man (and has air conditioning), I decided to go, mostly because this will be the biggest one yet, and every major studio will be there, promoting various projects.

And, I figured it might be fun also, since I’ve been making a few pennies here and there with my Adama for President website. (In an unprecedented act of fanboy antics, I actually shipped some to the set in Vancouver for the cast and they actually got ’em! Woo hoo!)

I haven’t decided where I’ll post all my live reports, aside from at SitRep, so stay tuned. Anyone else going? If so, let me know, and we’ll see you there!

PS: I know I give the BM thing a hard time but if that’s someone’s thing, hey that’s great and they should totally be in to it and have fun. I’m just a bit tired of the BM people giving folks like me a hard time about our big party with costumed folks and whatnots, esp. since ours has a/c and celebrities.

Tables Turned on Turncoats: The Chron Makes a Point about the Gonzalez/Nader Ticket…

Chalk one up for the Chronicle’s Carla Marinucci for calling BS on Mr. Magical Matt: she takes the Gonzalez/Nader ticket to task for once again deciding they, and they alone can determine what an African American candidate is allowed to talk about.
She brings up a number of issues Magical Matt doesn’t like to talk about. I guess when you talk about all sorts of high minded ideals, it’s ok if you’re shady – after all, it’s not like Nader’s union busting, fundraising practices and the like ever get questioned by the followers of St. Ralph.

Cindy Sheehan’s Spam Emails Go Too Far…

I dislike even mentioning Cindy Sheehan’s primal scream campaign, but her latest spam email she blasted out today was over the top, even for her and her band of angry, unlikeable partisans.

I’m no fan of President Bush’s failed policies myself, and looking at the polls it seems most people around the country, not just in So-Called Liberal SF, agree.

However, using images of Hitler, along with the many other histrionic spam emails and the like from Ms. Sheehan and her crew, have so turned me off whatever she’s saying or doing, I’ll happily vote for Speaker Pelosi.

Plus, there’s that giant hole in her impeachment “logic” that one could drive an 18-wheeler through, but the Politics of Intense Feelings, reality doesn’t seem to matter much.

Oh well.