Cindy Sheehan’s Spam Emails Go Too Far…

I dislike even mentioning Cindy Sheehan’s primal scream campaign, but her latest spam email she blasted out today was over the top, even for her and her band of angry, unlikeable partisans.

I’m no fan of President Bush’s failed policies myself, and looking at the polls it seems most people around the country, not just in So-Called Liberal SF, agree.

However, using images of Hitler, along with the many other histrionic spam emails and the like from Ms. Sheehan and her crew, have so turned me off whatever she’s saying or doing, I’ll happily vote for Speaker Pelosi.

Plus, there’s that giant hole in her impeachment “logic” that one could drive an 18-wheeler through, but the Politics of Intense Feelings, reality doesn’t seem to matter much.

Oh well.

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