Hilarious Quote About VP Palin and the N Judah, All In One Blog

Because I like to track all things MUNI related for The N Judah Chronicles, I have Google News Alerts for many N-Judah and MUNI related keywords. Sometimes they turn up unexpected gems like this:

“She claims she has foreign policy experience because she lives so close to Russia– but geeze, we have more Russians, Ukrainians, Moldovans and Lithuanians on the N-Judah bus line any given day in San Francisco than she has never encountered. If proximity to a foreign border gives you foreign policy experience, I think most of San Diego county is better qualified than she is.”

And that will end the discussing of the GOP Vice Presidential candidate on these pages. However, if she, or Sen. McCain, or for that matter Sens. Obama or Biden would like a tour of San Francisco on the MUNI system, I will avail myself and make sure they ride the N from Caltrain to the Ocean, and maybe take some detours into some of the more entertaining parts of Our Fair City.
If any of them actually did it, I’d be kinda impressed. I mean, can you imagine Sen. McCain fighting for that last open seat on a 30-Stockton?

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