Burning Man, Shmurning Man – I’m Going to Nerdvana! With a Press Pass!

It’s lunchtime so I have a few minutes to post a short post…and since it’s Friday, no snooty snarky politics for me today…instead I’m going to let the nerd side express itself here as I have some news…not only am I going to the San Diego Comic-Con, I’ve got a press pass, thanks to the cool folks who run Galactica SitRep!

I don’t usually go to conventions – in fact although I enjoyed Battlestar Galactica (and have written about it for years now), when it comes to sci-fi, anime, movies of the Hollywood variety, and TV, I don’t automatically jump on the bandwagon of the latest Nerd Thing. In fact, despite my “nerd cred,” I really don’t like a good amount of what’s out there simply because it’s boring or juvenile.

However, I wanted to take a vacation to somewhere different this year, and when the chance came to go to Comic-Con, which boasts 3x as many attendees as Burning Man (and has air conditioning), I decided to go, mostly because this will be the biggest one yet, and every major studio will be there, promoting various projects.

And, I figured it might be fun also, since I’ve been making a few pennies here and there with my Adama for President website. (In an unprecedented act of fanboy antics, I actually shipped some to the set in Vancouver for the cast and they actually got ’em! Woo hoo!)

I haven’t decided where I’ll post all my live reports, aside from at SitRep, so stay tuned. Anyone else going? If so, let me know, and we’ll see you there!

PS: I know I give the BM thing a hard time but if that’s someone’s thing, hey that’s great and they should totally be in to it and have fun. I’m just a bit tired of the BM people giving folks like me a hard time about our big party with costumed folks and whatnots, esp. since ours has a/c and celebrities.

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