Seems Like There’s a Nerdvana For Everyone This Summer…

A few days ago I joked around about my upcoming trip to the San Diego Comic-Con, aka Nerdvana, next week. From what I’ve been receiving in my inbox, thanks to the folks at Galactica Sitrep (and the magic press pass), it is going to be quite a scene with opportunites to meet all sorts of celebrities and enjoy something a bit different than a trip to Vegas.
Thanks to the magic of Facebook and Twitter, though, I could not help but notice a number of political blogger types are all in Austin, Texas for another “nerdvana” of sorts – the Netroots Nation gathering of Thoughtful Political Types who seems to be having as fun a time there as I would with my nerd brothers and sisters in San Diego.
And of course there’s the Nerdvanas that skew older (the DNC and RNC conventions this summer) and that big party in the desert.
It seems that truly there is a party for the like-minded to attend this summer. Have fun, everyone!

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