Obama SOTU vs. Apple JOBS vs. LOST s5!

DHARMAlogo.jpgSo today is the day when months of rumor and speculation are deflated and we all get to find out what that Important Person has to say about Something That Affects Us All. I’m of course talking about the Apple (insert product here) which, if you are ever on the Internet, have heard that this miracle device will cure cancer, baldness, world hunger, awkward social situations, and deciding what truly is the brand of cola that expresses you best.
Oh, yeah, I think there’s some guy in Washington who was 2008’s Apple product, complete with hype created by the crowd too, you know the one who was going to do the same things as the Apple (insert product here), and more. Isn’t he speaking today too?
Me? I’m more concerned about how the final season of LOST will end. The Dharma Initiative worked in secret so they never had to contend with the endless amounts of bullshit speculation about what they were going to do, and they were dealing with all kinds of crazy stuff. So, in the end, the fictional event (the one that pushed back the President’s address to the nation, and has LESS fictional speculation than the Apple event) ironically is the one I’m looking forward to the most and have absolutely no expectations for at all.
Oh and if you don’t know about LOST and don’t have time to watch 5 seasons before next week…

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