Deep Thought Of The Day: Campaigning Vs. Governing

It’s not like the past was some sort of Golden Age ever, but I wonder: are we finally at the point where the skills to run a good political campaign are so exclusive of good government that we now have a system that excels at putting people into office who are great at the election part, who have no real clue how (or maybe even the desire) to do the job they so desperately wanted?
Think about it: to get elected all you have to do is sound good, look good, and play to the press’s desire to cover the horse race. If you’re ahead, EVERYONE wants you to win because people like a winner in a horse race.
When you get elected, despite the fact the press focuses on deal-making, in the end, governing is a Hell of a lot more difficult, and many people really don’t want you to succeed (no matter who you are).
If things were as simple as the speechmakers claim, it sure would be easier to get things done. Plus when speechwriters and spinners came up with boneheaded ideas (think the Central Subway here in SF as a local example) that have no basis in reality, wouldn’t be the clusterfraks they are now.
This isn’t exclusive to one party, despite what the partisans on both sides think. You all know who you are.

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