Hold On A Second…That Sign Looks Like It Was Photoshopped, Mr. Mayor!

gavinsignfake.jpgSo, it seems Mr. Mayor Whatshisname has a new campaign video out. I guess nowadays posting something on YouTube is a really big deal, and this is like, way Web 2.0 campaigning and all Obama-like and whatnot. Fine.
However, I find this video interesting. but not for a reason Team Newsom might like. You see, I was noticing that suddenly the Mayor is supportive of a “Constitutional Convention” to reform our state’s government. This is an idea popular with the liberal types, the conservative types, the business-y types, and political bloggers. So now I guess he’s on board. Um, woo hoo?
What’s funny is while watching this video (with the older, cooler logos from earlier this year) I saw this image at 0:24, and it made me wonder out loud if this thing was photoshopped in some way. I didn’t recall seeing any old Newsom 1.0 signs with “Constitutional Convention” on ’em before, and I’m nerdy enough to notice and keep track of things like that. What really got my attention was how oddly colored this is compared to other elements in the video.
Anyway, I figure the good people on the blogs can pick this apart and have fun with it. Maybe I’m right and maybe not. But the great thing about The Internet is you can always pose a question and let others do the heavy lifting.
UPDATE: It seems great minds do think alike and our friend MattyMatt noticed the same thing also.
Mainstream media? Gavin Newsom? You got some ‘splainin’ to do! 😉

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