The Most Annoying Disclaimer On A Piece of Mail. Ever.

IMG_4080.JPGSo I was going through what little political mail I’ve been getting during this quiet political season, and the other day I got one from the No on D campaign, decrying the horridness of billboards on Market Street and so on. Whatever.
I mean this is one of those magic bullet measures that proponents say will bring an era of rose petals and unending “free money” for whatever, and the opponents say will be the beginning of Armageddon. So I normally don’t pay attention.
However, this little chestnut on the mail piece, next to the union bug was an eye opener:

“Printed with VOC-free, soy based inks at a 100% wind powered union shop.”

Wait. WHAT?
You have to be f*cking kidding me. They really went there, huh?
As always, my colleague “Mason Powell” had the best response upon seeing said disclaimer:

“You mean a beer fart from the pressman counts as wind power?”

F*ck yeah!

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