Misc. Reasons I’m GLAD I’m Going to Nerdvana This Week…

Tonight I depart for San Diego, where I, and 149,999 of my nerd brothers and sisters will be gathering for San Diego Comic-Con. Three times the size of Burning Man, with celebrities and air conditioning (but with folks in costume, like BM), it should be fun.
However, taking a look at what’s up this week, I’m kinda glad I’ll be out of town. True, I’ll miss this cool Obama Art Show on Thursday, but here’s what else I’ll get to avoid:
-Everyone’s Favorite Bully, Chris Daly, and his many fatwas issued to anyone who dares oppose him as the “de facto” leader of so-called “progressives” on the DCCC (that’s the Democratic County Central Committee for those of you who don’t follow such minutiae).
Since the takeover of the DCCC by elected officials, the same politics of pettiness, bitterness and attack of City Hall has now infected the DCCC. They’re having some big meeting this week to decide this non-matter. Somehow, all this bullsnot is supposed to be an improvement over regular citizens running the DCCC. What-ever
Funny how the people who claim to be “progressive” and open are the ones making threats, taking power away from us citizens, spamming my inbox (that’s you, Mr. Daly!), and issuing fatwas, and not The People They Oppose. Kinda makes you wonder, doesn’t it?
-The Mayor’s wedding. Hey, lucky guy, marrying an attractive actress (if you haven’t seen her in Life, you’re really missing something), whatever, but I ain’t going and I’ll read about it in People Magazine, or even better, at Beth’s awesome blog.
Besides, the Mayor’s a cool guy and all, but he’s no Christian Bale aka Batman. Or is it the other way around? I dunno. Anyway, best wishes, Mr. Mayor, but I shall be hanging with the Cool Kids from Battlestar Galactica and the Fox Network.
-MUNI failwhales to come. The reason a MUNI blog writes itself most days, and I’m sure Something Big will happen when I’m away (it usualy does). Instead I’ll be enjoying the convenience of San Diego’s trolley line to take me to the convention every week.
Anyway, that is all. Have a fun week, keep enjoying our uniquely SF summer weather, and stay tuned for updates from the Convention floor at Galactica Sitrep, and will be posting pictures on Flickr here!

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