Attention 1960s Lefty BS’ers! NO ONE CARES What You Think! Obama’s WAY Past Y’all…

Wanna know why I voted for Obama? It ain’t whatcha think….
No really.
See, I voted for Obama as someone subjected to the inane bullsh*t that was 90’s Liberalism On Campus (at UC Hippie Dipsh*t Santa Cruz no less!), that whole big basket of irrational PC bullsnot that was all about nonsense that made even the most liberally liberal wanna vote Republican, just to piss off the arrogant, lying, snotbags on campus.
So when I hear about Failure Ralph Nader (and his FAIL pal Matt Gonzalez) upset that apparently two whites can determine what a black man can say, or hear about Jesse Jetstream go on about how he’s pissed that Obama thinks folks should act like responsible adults, well guess what?
I’m GLAD he’s pissed these failure-eating morons off. I’m REALLY GLAD.
Because as he did in his speech on race, he said what was REALLY on people’s minds. And more importantly, he said “hey guess what white people? you have legitimate greivances too, and you’re not a bad person for saying so!”
More to the point, Barack Obama thinks it’s time to get past all this crapola. Because India and China figured out how to, and are about to kick our butts if we’re not careful. But Barack, being a true American, believes…”yes we can!”
Yes, we can Kick Ass on these folks if we choose to.
If….we choose.

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