Sometimes Democrats Can Be Classy, Even When Some of ‘Em Aren’t!

So it appears that at the same hotel where the DNC Rules Committee was making decisions accompanied by the collective primal screams of bitter Clinton supporters, upset that the DNC was upholding rules, um, Hillary Clinton fully approved of, a young couple was having their wedding reception in the same hotel.
They took it all in stride and actually kinda had fun with it. Now, I’d sooner have my wedding reception in Hell than anywhere near a crowd of insane politicos of any stripe. But what caught my eye about this story was the fact that the young couple went to their hotel room, to be greeted by like, a ton of free food and champagne – courtesy of Howard Dean and the DNC, who appreciated their not calling the Riot Squad on the whole kit and kaboodle.
Sometimes Democrats can be classy, even when some aren’t. Progressives, take notes and learn – being nice has its advantages over dogmatic speeches and the Middle Finger Salute sometimes!

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