20/20 Hindsight: Moving Our Presidential Primary Was Just LAME….

Imagine, for a moment if California’s legislators and Governor hadn’t bought in to the mania that suggested holding our primary in February, with 20 other big states, and instead kept it in June like God intended.
Imagine the mania that’d be the Democratic Primary right now as California’s voters would literally decide between Clinton and Obama. Imagine the shenanigans, the tricks, the events, the huge voter turnout, and the like. Imagine how fun/infuriating/exciting the season would be. California’s issues would be front and center, and we’d have candidates criss-crossing the state talking to voters – instead of just using LA and SF as a big ATM machine for junk mail in other states’ contests.
Instead we have Maximum Leader Daly’s penny-candy shenanigans and a handful of state legislative primaries. Oh and some lame-ass ballot measures.
Big whoop.

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