News Flash: Obama Ran A Better Campaign….

While the conspiracy theorists and primal screamers come up with all sorts of hot air as to why Sen. Clinton’s campaign, despite all its money, high priced consultants and insiders, is losing, there’s a great story in the AP today that describes how Obama’s campaign won, mostly by taking the time to understand the arcane rules of the Party nomination process. Then they took the time to (gasp!) organize in those districts. Shocking!
While Clinton’s camp spent most of 2007 raising money from wealthy donors and telling everyone “it’s inevitable,” Obama’s camp spent their time paying attention to the myriad of rules developed in the 70s and 80s. It helped, of course, that the Democratic party does not award delegates on a “winner take all” basis. It also helped that Obama had the money to put together a field operation, thanks to the ease at which he could solicit small and medium (and some large) donors, primarily online.
But more importantly, the Obama folks never conceded a state, no matter how well Hillary was doing, while Hillary’s people wrote off entire sections of the country to Obama. The era of focusing on a few big, or “swing” states is over, and whoever wins in November, Democrat or Republican, will have to run a more expansive campaign than in the past.

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