File This Under “WTF?”:The “Frozen Chosen” Are Using Anime in The Church?!?

One of the few benefits of Google Mail is that little strip that rotates various news links….today I saw one that Google deemed I’d be interested in….A Presbyterian minister using an anime series to teach folks about religion.
For those not familiar with the Frozen Chosen, they have like, a million meetings about every little detail and everyone has to butt in with what they think. There’s an old Presby joke that goes something along the lines of “How do you know you’re in a Presbyterian Church at night? Because there’s a committee meeting somewhere in the building.” Ok, if you’re not Presbyterian, the joke pretty much falls flat.
So the fact this guy could use anime at all , much less a series like Haibane Renmei (a favorite of mine), and not get 40 lashes for daring to think for himself, well I’d say that’s pretty interesting, to say the least.
Or not. Anyway, if you think anime is all Pokemon crapola, go rent a DVD or two of Haibane Renmei, or anything done by Satoshi Kon. Some of ’em take a little while to get started, but they can be quite entertaining.

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