Can We Get to Cover The War and The Presidential Campaign?

I’m totally serious. I mean, when you read a paper like say, the San Jose Mercury News, which is mostly wire service filler, a handful of articles, and the Deep Thoughts of Clint Reilly, or watch CNN and see them stumble and bumble any sort of coverage that really tells you anything, you begin to wonder if maybe these crybaby MSM folks are just not up to the job.
Meanwhile, there’s, which has an army of video cameras and associated folks on the scene. Sure they may pay off sources, but they somehow manage to get the dirt. When pop culture train wreck Britney Spears tried to fake out the press and do a bunk to Mexico, there was TMZ, catching it all on tape. It’s as if Marcellus Wallace told the TMZ crew “If Britney goes to Indochina, I want a photographer waiting in a bowl of rice ready to put a lens in her ass” or something.
Imagine if TMZ was on the campaign trail, getting the real dirt on our candidates and also going after all the shenanigans of GW’s crew. I would imagine that in about a week, we’d have a total revolution or something.
But then again, who wants to look at a bunch of politicians in compromised positions? At least some of the celebs are attractive….

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