State Sen. Jackie Speier for Congress! Hell Yeah! Read All About It at Melissa’s Blog!

I have been a big fan of Jackie Speier since I can remember, and have campaign buttons, mementos, and more from her many runs for office throughout the years. I have a campaign button collection that spans decades, but mostly includes rockin’ politicians such as Jackie. Heck, when I worked at the Big Company one of the jobs I got to work on was a cool mail piece for Jackie in her last run for State Senate – ironically enough against a world-class douchebag I had the displeasure of attending junior high with.
Oh but enough nostalgia. Go check out Melissa’s awesome writeup of the kickoff I missed because despite my Speier-supporting, I suck.
Check it out , and be sure to vote for Jackie Speier in the primary if you’re in Our Fair District!

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