Odd Obama Email

Thanks to an emerging, front-loaded presidential primary season, we’re going to get the ball rolling on Campaign 2008 a lot sooner than usual. That means people like me are going to soon be swamped by emails from every candidate, wannabe candidate, hangers-on desperately trying to stay relevant, and so on.

Today I got this odd little email from the Obama for President campaign. It’s odd because a) I don’t live anywhere close to Occidental College in Los Angeles, b) I don’t attend college there, and c) I’ve never given my email address or any money to the Obama campaign (or any campaign so far). Plus, I wasn’t aware college sign-making parties were something you alerted the media to.

Today, Obama is due to appear in San Francisco, the guest of Wade Randlett and his well-funded friends in Silicon Valley. These are the folks with the persistent grammar errors, and who were spelling Obama’s first name “Barak” for a while. (Perhaps it is time Mr. Wade invested in a proofreader for all those fiery emails!)
This is only the beginning. Once things get in high-gear, you can expect I’ll be posting more curious emails from campaign 2008! If you get any, feel free to send them in!

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