Consumer Advocate Harvey Rosenfield Learns The Truth A Year Too Late

Reading the news from Insurance Commissioner Steve Poinzer’s office, you’ve got to wonder if consumer “advocate” Harvey Rosenfield is having the worst case of buyer’s remorse in California political history.
That’s because Ponizer is appointing a guy from the insurance industry to help regulate the industry. True, he said he’d be “non partisan” and “independent” and used all kinds of well crafted buzzwords to convince California voters (and Harvey Rosenfield) he was better than Cruz “Lose Weight Ask Me How” Bustamante.
Thus, consumer “advocate” and Proposition 103 author Harvey Rosenfield drank the Kool-Aid and endorsed this guy over Bustamante. The endorsement was considered a coup for Poinzer’s campaign, and while many could understand why Rosenfield would not endorse the terminally lame Cruz, many were stunned he’d endorse Poinzer.
Today, he reaped the benefit of his work with today’s news. You can bet the author of Proposition 103 and a lifetime consumer advocate is having that moment of clarity many have when they realize the’ve not only been duped – but that they’ve helped elevate something they’ve fought their entire career.
On behalf of all of us who are paying way too much for insurance and getting way too little in the way of service, we’d like to thank all involved for their part in this little drama. We’ll happily sign away more of our paychecks for lousy car and health insurance, and sleep well knowing that Steve Poinzer and his friends in the insurance industry are well taken care of. Thanks to all who helped.

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