New Photos on Flickr – Mayor Newsom’s Less-Scripted Town Hall

I attended Mayor Newsom’s “Town Hall Meeting” today in the Bayview. I’ll post a little something later on, but for now, check out my photos on Flickr here, or click on any of the pics in the Flickr Box on the right. For now, all I’ll say is anyone who thinks they can pre-script a meeting in a community with Real Problems Needing Solutions needs to think twice. Suffice to say, there were plenty of questions even Our Supervisors probably wouldn’t have thought to ask.
SFist Rita beat me to the punch with her posting this afternoon, so go ahead and read it, since it’s pretty good. I am sure my good pals at and other good folks will follow suit. Cheers!

2 responses to “New Photos on Flickr – Mayor Newsom’s Less-Scripted Town Hall

  1. Hey Greg! Good to see you today — sorry we didn’t get a chance to dig into those bagels! (And MAN, I wish I’d gotten one of those MUNI lanyards. I knew I should’ve gotten up earlier!)

  2. oh hey no problemo, ECW Deli was too happy to give me some spares b/c they’d run out of hogie rolls..I’m just bummed I could not have provided you, Beth and Eve with a more fun Newsom Experience!
    Funny thing, they had the lanyards for the passes, but NOT the plastic things to put the passes into! That was no fun but apparently some folks at MUNI do read the N Judah Chronicles! Go figure!

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