Technical Difficulties Part 2…

As I indicated on my other website, I’ve not been able to post many updates as I’m dealing with a number of technical problems that are taking up a lot of my time as I seek a long term solution, rather than put up with band-aid solutions.
In particular, I’ve been dealing with an enormous amount of spam email, more than my mail program can filter out, it seems. Also, the trackbacks (but not comments) are being spammed to the point where it’s slowing down the performance of the system that run this site, as I have to delete literally 100s of false trackbacks to sites promoting “mobile phones” and “ringtones” and more. It’s a real hassle, and I’m looking for a better way to filter all this crap out besides just deleting the notification emails and deleting everything by hand. There are some other technical issues I’ve been working on as well, but I’m not going to bore ya with the details. Suffice to say if I’d taken more computer classes I’d be getting some much needed upgrades and changes done a lot faster.
Other things are coming up, including some significant changes to this site, but you’ll have to keep reading to find out what those might be!

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