A Gift Idea for All You Chris Daly Haters

I’m breaking radio silence as I make plans for both my sites for 2007 to let all of you who are really mad that Supervisor Chris Daly won that there’s a present you can send each other – or to Supervisor Chris!
Bear in mind that in San Francisco all you have to do to rile people up is to use the words “Chris” and “Daly” in the same posting. As in “I went to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and had a steak, then went to Daly City to particpate in the cultural offerings thereof” to get yourself spammed and attacked by They Who Dare Not Say Their Name (AKA message board posters!)
Anyway, back to our story…
Whilst shopping around town for gifts for family and friends, I saw this display at Scandinavian Details in the Hayes Valley/Civic Center area of town.
pee_and_pooNo I am not making this up.
The Japanese have made plush toys out of Pee and Poo.
So there you have it. Why not send one to SF SOS, the nemesis of Mr. Daly? Or, buy a set for Mr. Daly himself? Or, if you’re really that worked up, why not send a set to Ruth’s Chris Steak House and Daly City just because, well, you’re mad that nefarous Chris Daly won!
See? Life’s good and just. And the Japanese have an easy, low cost way to make it all Good. Go for it!

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