Bay Area Whaa?

Happy 2007, everyone!
I thought I’d kick off the new year with a rather amusing email I received recently. Although I’d never heard of the “Bay Area Dems” (Dems as in Democrats) before, I got an email from the group’s organizer, Mr. Randlett.
You might remember him from such groups as SFSOS (whose emails I get all the time – wait maybe that’s how I’m on this other list!) and the many calm, polite and downright friendly emails his group sent out during the Daly/Black race.
Anyway, take a look at the graphic banner at the top of the email and see if you can’t find the mistake:

It’s one thing to make a typing mistake (I do it all the time!) but it is quite another to spend the time to make a graphical banner with such an obvious abuse of the pluralization rules regarding punctuation. Won’t someone please think about the children?

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