“The “Frozen Chosen” in Space” or “Me Is Too Crazy Pirating Guy!”

Friday fun, for the Schädelmann! fans (written in like, 10 minutes or less):
So by now you all know that despite what the fascists at the MPAA say in those irritating movie trailers, the real movie piraters are not the BitTorrentors trying to see an episode of Battlestar Galactica they missed last week, but in fact, the Chinese.
Sorry, PC-ers, but the sad fact is that millionaires in China owe their fortunes to stealing content from people around the world, and reselling it to their Chinese bretheren for pennies, and not paying a dime to those who actually created said content. This is in line with the Chinese version of capitalism – steal things from others, use your penny-a-day labor to flood the market with cheap goods, and reap the results.
And best of all the neoconservatives who accomodate you in the USA and the WTO will never call you on your shenanigans. The MPAA? Too stupid, or too much in bed with the Communist Chinese to care. There’s 14 year olds to sue, gosh darnit.
But that said, here’s some fun. Take a look at the English-to-Chinese-to-English Again translation of the subtitles on the poor quality Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith DVDs going around town.
I found particularly funny the fact that “Jedi Council” got mangled into “Presbyterian Church” in the cheap, lousy, Chinese bootleg of said film. (UPDATE: Click on this link instead if the other one does not work)
Not because I want to pay money to the Insane Red Chinese to see such a thing, but because I find it hilarious the dorky Jedis of George Lucas’ stillborn trilogy so resemble what critics of the Presbyterian church label them – the Frozen Chosen.
Hey, after a couple of Rainiers it was funny, anyway.
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