Jonathan F. Kerry Will You Please SHUT UP?*

Today I’m gonna kill two birds with one stone: heaping praise on one of the few political blogs that isn’t exercise in wannabe megalomania, and tell Sen. John Kerry to shut up.
I can do this because one of the few blogs with anything original to say, The Gadflyer, did such a good job of telling it like it is regarding Sen. Longwind’s ponderous and long-winded op-ed piece in the New York Times, for which they should be issued a gold medal. Or a case of highbrow Liquor du Malt. Something.
Seriously. Sen. John Kerry doesn’t seem to get the fact that he lost the freakin’ election last year. His remaining overpaid staff still pump out press releases playing the “will he or won’t he” game regarding 2008, and of course, there’s the tons of email addresses he talks about, as if this is somehow a good thing.
John. Kids. Loser D.C. Consultants. Get a clue. You have 3 million addresses of people who are sick of hearing your long winded blather, and Yahoo Mail is tossing your crap into the “Bulk” file. In other words, give up. You had a golden opportunity to take out a mediocre president and yet instead decided to spend a record amount of money finding Yet Another Way to Screw Up instead. Take your pretentious BS, your stupid Massachusetts-bred “political knowledge,” and your arrogant, patrician ways and just SHUT THE HELL UP.
It’s bad enough we have so many sheep willing to worship of St. Hillary the (Alleged) Liberal (yet another “entitled to power” hack we will lose an election with) – we don’t need you mucking up the waters like you are right now. Just go back to Boston, sit in your mansions, and have a tall cool glass of Chardonnay from Chateau Mordez-Moi Perdant. (special bonus for those of you who know what that means.)
That’s why the Gadflyer is such a kick-ass kind of site. It cuts through the DC BS of Democrats and Republicans like a samurai sword through redneck hick in a pawn shop. It lacks the DC-Centric phoniness of corporate produced “blog” Wonkette, and the knee-jerk self congratulatory puffery of way too many lefty/Democraty/non-Bushie blogs out there, who still seem to think that typing haughty comments on a blog gets you somewhere. Or, of course, there’s the let’s attack people and get in the Times for attacking people with our sourball comments style blogs, which get lots of ink and generate lots of heat – but tend to wilt like a ‘roided out willy when confronted in person.
(Many of these are the people who still think that Dean had a winning campaign in California because he had ‘lots of bloggers’ and the infamous ‘Daily Kos’ blog on their side. Hint, kids: Howard Dean never ran a campaign in California – he dropped out and Kerry won by acclamation).
But I digress. The point is, I generally find most political blogs to be quite boring, or all about creating noise, not about expressing a point of view that’s any different than what I heard on TV or in the paper. Both left and right have “echo chambers” the size of the Grand Canyon, and frankly, that’s not a good thing. BS amplified, is still BS.
So it’s nice to find a well-written site that can cut throgh the crap, tell it like it is, and find out it can do this, despite being based in the nation’s capital. My two (small) gripes with these guys are that A) Being writers and scholars and whatnots paid to create content they beat me to the punch on things I’d like and B) the don’t have a very good mechanism for allowing comments or sending in feedback.
Those, however, are minor critiques, offered in the spirit of good faith so rare on the web these days. Overall, though I’d say we all owe a nice big thanks to Gadflyer for cutting the crap like a master sushi chef dices a fugu.
* PS: Did ANYONE get the reference to Marvin K. Mooney? Or is this just WAY to freakin’ obscure?
PS2: I want one of these little gadgets and I could care less what the 20th century dullards at the MPAA have to say about it.

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