The Doofinator Comes to Santa Monica College Or Return of the Liar

So, it seems Mr. Governor Doofinator is returning to an alma mater of his, Santa Monica College, to deliver a commencement address. How funny. Not in the “funny ha ha” sort of way, but in the “funny f-cked up” kind of way?
Why, you ask, do I dare challenge the Doofinator’s ability/right to address a graduating class of Community College students at a college he once attended?
Let me count the hypocritical points of order those in the Fourth Estate would be wise to consider as they attempt some serious questioning of Governor Doofinator:
-When Governor Doofinator attended Santa Monica College as a semi-legal immigrant in the early 1970s, no substantial fees were charged at community colleges. If you wanted to go, you went. If you were too dumb to stay in, you flunked out. Otherwise, community colleges more or less let anyone in that wanted an education.
Under Governor Doofinator, and his Dark Master, Governor Pete “Mexicans Suck” Wilson, they’ve jacked up so-called “fees” at community colleges, making it a lot harder for people to get an education. Meanwhile, they gave away billions to the Enrons of the world. Governor Doofinator has spent more time out of state raising special interest dollars than working on realistic solutions to restore the Master Plan for Higher Education that was once the envy of the world.
In other words, a world-class education system that built up the educated workforce that made Calfornia competitive in the emerging tech economy was good enough for an immigrant with a family background and personal support for enemies of the U.S. on an expired visa from Austria in the 70s, but not good enough for taxpaying citizens and their families today.
-Governor Doofinator ran on a platform of reform. He told us he’d be the mirror opposite of Gov. Gray Davis’ so-called “coin-op” government. He has spent the great majority of his time this year out of state, raising money from out of state interests foreign to the needs of average Californians, to finance his many special interest elections and to buy as many signatures as possible at the mall.
We were told that Governor Doofinator was going to clean things up. He has not. He was either lying to the public when he ran, or he’s in way over his head. Either way, he has not been truthful with the public, and it’s ironic that he’s being held as a model for SMC graduates.
-Governor Doofinator tried to do an end-run around the rules to get rid of the basic protections for workers with regards to something as simple as their breaks and lunch hour. Since he had to raise so many special interest dollars, he had to do them a favor and this was one. His PR people and himself spent a lot of time defining this useless and needless attack on a working person’s daily life.
What makes this more ironic is the fact that as a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild, Mr. Doofinator was entitled to contract guarantees for every single aspect of his work day, including lunch. If James Cameron so much as delayed Governor Doofinator’s protein shakes by even a minute, he got paid for his inconvenience. More to the point, if any film producer thought to violate said rules, he had a union and an whole system to get him his just desserts (or lunch, as it were).
Once again, this bozo shows what a lying hypocrite he is. He apparently did not once stand up and say “No, I don’t want the benefits of union protection, nor do I want my contract-mandated lunch hour, or my health and pension, please let me work 14 hours a day without a break” while a budding movie star . But apparently that’s good enough for the rest of us.
-Then there’s the constant phony media stunts, ones that amaze me in that anyone even bothers to report on them given how patently false they are. Like the time the government made a big pothole at taxpayer expense so that Herr Doofinator could fill it in, and show how he wants to fix roads.
Memo to Doofinator staff: when you wreck a road with government road crews, use special interest money to pay a portion of the bill for the PR machine to announce said taxpayer-funded pothole you made worse, and inconvenience a neighborhood to have your little media funtime, you’re not helping things. You’re making them worse. Maybe this kind of bullshit passes for OK when you make a movie, but when you are in charge of things, it doesn’t pass the smell test. You lose.
I’m getting sick of this guy. I’m getting sick of his b*llshit, and his lies. I’m tired of hearing the media portray him as some sort of saint when he’s told more lies, and did more wrongs than his predecessor (who was no prince to begin with), and somehow say it’s ok. I’m sick of Republicans telling me this bozo is somehow better than what we had before, when in fact he lies and spends more time acting like a Hollywood movie flake than a true leader.
Most importantly, I’m sick of people on all sides of the aisle who can’t see past their own partisan short term gains, and won’t stand up for what’s right for all of us, and partisan interests be damned. Governor Doofinator could have been a leader. Instead he’s been a cheap Hollywood huckster, and his lies are made all the worse by the damage he’s actively creating in California.
To hell with him. and to hell with all the hypocrites in government. Game Over, fellas.
PS: On a completely unrelated note, I’ve been enjoying some of the downloads at Unbeknownst to most, I actually enjoy this sort of thing and try and find whatever I can that sounds interesting out there. Really!
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