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Sup. Alioto-Pier’s (sort of) Pyrrhic Victory Today

Breaking News! Sup. Michela Alioto-Pier, fresh off a failed bid for Insurance Commissioner, fought in court and “won” a victory today – her name can appear on the ballot after all, despite term limits, to run for re-election as Supervisor after all.
At least, that’s the headlines. Take a closer look and you’ll see why this is a Pyrrich political victory, SF-style.
See, while Her Supervisorness was off either not running for re-election or for Insurance Commissinoer or whatever, Other Candidates decided to run. And unlike the joke candidates Sup. Alioto-Pier faced in the past as an incumbent, these candidates are very credible, and very competitive.
Janet Reilly has the endorsement of pretty much everyone on the political scene, somehow managing to get the support of both progressives and “moderate” Democrats, and endorsements from both Aaron Peskin and Mayor Newsom. (Go research when the last time those two agreed on anything, much less the wide variety of politicians and community leaders from all sides did).
Mark Farrell is also a very credible candidate, having raised a lot of money early in the race, hiring a crack campaign team, and who has been running for this office for some time now. He is also a credible candidate, like Mrs. Reilly.
In every campaign where Sup. Alioto-Pier has faced Credible Candidates, she has lost each time. She may have the incumbency badge, but this late in the game it’s hard to see much of either Reilly or Farrell’s supporters peeling off to support someone who as recently as a few months ago was running for another office.
Congratulations, Supervisor. Now let’s see how things shake out when our Supervisorial elections aren’t simply rubber stamps for incumbents.

An Investment Opportunity at Wondercon? Well…Kinda!

So this past Saturday I went to Wondercon, mostly on a whim and because I was bored. Among the many things competing for the Nerd/Otaku/Fanboy/Fangirl dollar were these high-end collectible figures depicting Mugen from the anime series Samurai Champloo.

(For those of you not aware of this series, it’s an oddly cool mix of samurai stories set way back when, combined with a really great hip hop soundtrack. The story is interesting and there’s not a lot of that wide eyes bullsh*t fanservice crap I can’t stand in most anime. Go watch some and you’ll see what I mean).

Anyway, so they had these pricey, very nicely crafted “collectible figures” with movable eyes, detailing that was to the extreme, and so on. They were selling for $125, I think, a discount off the normal price.

However, after talking to the guy at the booth, I realized that this could be an actual investment. He noted that the run of these “Mugen” figures were limited to 500, with no chance of them ever coming out again. I made some comment about how I should buy some and put ’em in a safe and he said “Hey – that’s no joke. Buy two and we’ll cut the price some more, put ’em in a safe, and in about 2-4 years you could ebay them for at LEAST $500 a piece, if not more.”

Now, that’s assuming a lot, but I’ve met some of these collector types and they can get pretty competitive over something they really want. With the fact that there are only $500 of these worldwide, it’s forseeable one could make 4x-6x their money back in a few years.

Figure it this way – anyone who got a crippling ARM mortgage and bought some big McMansion with a toy cave isn’t faring too well on that investment. But anyone buying a few collectible toys and keeping them in the box for a few years will probably do a lot better!

Why the FRAK Does This One Entry Get Spammed So Much?

355366021_9aaeeab250_m.jpgSpammers, WTF.
No seriously, WHAT THE F*CK?
For those of you just joining us, today I am taking note of the strangest kind of spam I’ve ever seen – spam comments. Now that’s nothing new – anyone who runs a blog runs into these bots or whatevers that can post phony comments that lead you to links on discount boner pills and weird get rich quick schemes. Fine, But what I don’t get is this: 80% of the phony comments land on this post I wrote in a hurry about my Italian cousin performing on Irving Street before his return to Italy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to “mark as spam” comments that come through the system.
I mean, what the f*ck makes this such a target of said spambots? I can’t figure it out. So, geniuses in Internetland, I ask – what’s up with this post and why does it attract so many spam postings? Anyone? Anyone?

Bravo TV Builds Gavin Newsom Clone To Run SF While He Runs for LG

A friend of mine who is an avid fan of “Shear Genius” on Bravo told me about a recent episode where contestants had to find a way to use “hair extensions” on male models, and how one, in his “after” shots looked like our Mayor.

Curious, I searched on the Series of Tubes for the episode (as it was not on Hulu! Another NBCU Fail!) and found it and took some screenshots. Needless to say, the resemblance was rather startling. Perhaps this guy will fill in while Newsom is out of town running for Lt. Governor?

Today’s Hilarious Thing From the Internet

Flickr user Tubes posted this mockup of the iPad packaging.

Yes, I know the joke’s been on the Internet for at least a day, and done a million times. This one is one of the better iterations, I think.

The ATT Fail Whale…coming soon.

For all of us AT&T customers, whether we’re iPhone users, DSL subscribers, or using AT&T anywhere, and are tired of their constant failures. They make Muni look good!

Why San Francisco’s Phony “Plastic Bag Ban” is Full of Compostable Waste!

One of the things that bothers me about my hometown is that thanks to mostly transplants from Elsewhere, we get lots of stupid ideas, and those stupid ideas refuse to die. Worse, because people want to Do The Right Thing, everyone buys into them, even though it’s all a fraud.

Today, we have a Grade-A example of one that drives me nuts every time I hear about it: San Francsico’s Alleged “Ban” on Plastic Shopping Bags.

“Mayor” Newsom and “Supervisor” Ross Mirkarimi can’t spend more than a few moments without bleating out that San Francsico “banned” plastic bags. The problem is both of them are spewing compostable waste out their mouths every time they say this.

That’s because we DID NOT BAN PLASTIC BAGS, people. Yes, San Francisco, despite all your pseudo-enviornmental chatter, plastic bags are a mainstay of SF shopping. And yet, despite this reality, there’s our City Hall, bragging about how frakking eco/green/whatever we all are, and now want to charge for paper bags. Oh, how frakking “green” of you, guys.

Here’s why San Francisco’s elected “leaders” suck. They did indeed ban plastic bags – but ONLY at “chain stores.” Everyone Else gets to keep using plastic bags (aka Satan’s Chalice). Since I often shop at local produce markets and small businesses, I’ve got a huge collection of them sitting in my storage drawer in the kitchen. You can see a picture of them right here. I guess saving the earth is only the work of “chain stores.” Everyone Else can continue to rape the Earth, then?

The fact that San Francisco does this is another example of how two-faced and hypocritical people are when it comes to environmental issues. Apparently it’s not kicking Mother Nature in the ass with a steel-toed boot when you use a plastic bag at the corner liquor store, but is when you shop at Safeway or Whole Paycheck.

I’m sorry, but that is bogus. Either plastic bags are indeed bad, or they are not. This kind of half-assed policymaking makes the assertion that bags are evil meaningless – if they are bad, then why, oh why, politicians, do you continue to allow them to be used?

Fun fact: Ireland did a true ban on bags by imposing a fee on them that was for everyone – not just chains. Within a year 90+% of folks were using some form of reusable bag, and today, the use of a plastic bag over there apparently is akin to not scooping up your dog’s poop.

I realize that when people have eyes for higher office, having a long list of “feel good” policies to promote makes everyone happy. But here’s a news flash “Governor” Newsom and “Mayor” Mirkarimi: neither of you have the political courage to actually ban plastic bags, or impose true restrictions on disposables. Both of you are cowards who easily stick the costs of “saving the earth” to chains, but have no will to actually do something meaningful, like banning these alleged Bags of Evil entirely.

This is the typical San Francisco fuckup. We love to tell everyone what to do, but when we’re asked to live up to our alleged beliefs, we don’t. We will always tell everyone to be “green” and do lots of showboaty things, but we’ll be damned if we give up plastic bags and our right to free parking, damnit.

UPDATE: Mere moments after posting SF Weekly has a story on it too – and of course, the politicians don’t want to return their calls.

Genius. Sheer Genius.

How could you interrupt the Laugh Out Loud Cats, Kanye?

Just What ARE All The Free Things You Can Get In SF On Your Birthday?

My birthday is this Saturday, the first time it’s been on a Saturday in ages. Past birthdays have ranged from elaborate events, to unplanned “happenings” that end up as big as elaborate events, without the expense and effort. In 2007, I suggested the Mayor spend his birthday the way I did that year, and last year, oh I went to the Blackthorn with friends (yay!), and had Critical Mass on that day too (boo!).
This year the Outside Lands music festival will be going on, which means tons of people in the neighborhood, and I was thinking of leaving town, but I’m most likely going to stick around here. Because Burning Man starts on Monday, I’m guessing that the exodus starts this weekend (in the past it’s been in full swing ON my birthday, which has its benefits.)
I really hadn’t planned too far ahead this year, as I’m more concerned with other things, but it occurred to me that perhaps this year might be the year to do all the free things one can do on their birthday. Now, a free Denny’s breakfast is nice and all, but I’ve gotta believe there’s more. So, I’m asking the Internet for advice ,and if I can find enough stuff to do, I’ll do a photo series/blog post here and cross post it at the More Popular Blog.
So, fire away your suggestions in the comments! (and if you’re feeling generous here’s my wish list at Amazon for fun.)
PS: For the curious, among the many people that share this birthday are: John McCain, Weezy from the Jeffersons, Elliot Gould, Michael Jackson, SF Public Defender Jeff Adachi, my friend Angelie who is one of the awesome Muni Manners Ladies, Carla Gugino (yay!), Rebecca DeMornay, Joel Schumacher, Charlie Parker, Mr. Blackwell, and the Real John Locke (not the guy on LOST).

Because It’s Funny: Conan O’Brien’s “Twitter Tracker”

If you’ve not already seen the Tonight Show’s “Twitter Tracker,” well, you’re missing out on a hilarious send-up of Twitter, particularly when used by celebrites. The exploding Twitterbirds and WWF style announcer just add to the fun.