Why the FRAK Does This One Entry Get Spammed So Much?

355366021_9aaeeab250_m.jpgSpammers, WTF.
No seriously, WHAT THE F*CK?
For those of you just joining us, today I am taking note of the strangest kind of spam I’ve ever seen – spam comments. Now that’s nothing new – anyone who runs a blog runs into these bots or whatevers that can post phony comments that lead you to links on discount boner pills and weird get rich quick schemes. Fine, But what I don’t get is this: 80% of the phony comments land on this post I wrote in a hurry about my Italian cousin performing on Irving Street before his return to Italy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to “mark as spam” comments that come through the system.
I mean, what the f*ck makes this such a target of said spambots? I can’t figure it out. So, geniuses in Internetland, I ask – what’s up with this post and why does it attract so many spam postings? Anyone? Anyone?

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