Campaign 2011: Vote NO on LEE

we3n.pngSo far this election season has been one of the most depressing ones we’ve had in a while. At a time when San Franciscans have a chance to change our City and make things better, we’ve seen the full force of political corruption joining with corporate/plutocrat funded media to rig this election as much as possible.
It’s bad enough that Temporary Mayor Ed Lee has proven to be a liar, and to be a corrupt, arrogant “business as usual” politician, but it’s worse when we see the lamestream media pimp a candidate like the Chronicle and the Bay Citizen, to name a few, have this year. The print journalism people wonder why it is that they’re going the way of the dinosaur – perhaps their corruption is just too much for readers to take.
As for the charity-funded “media” – their days are numbered when the wealthy find a new fad to invest in, but in the meantime have provided some of the most biased news in town, so bad it would make even the political pamphlet known as the Bay Guardian blush
However, thanks to the bullshit voting system known as Ranked Choice Voting (or whatever the f*ck it’s called now), things get even blurrier. Because one has to vote for three candidates, you can bet that many people will end up putting St. Ed Lee on their ballot somewhere. This will do more to help him than anything else, because under ranked choice voting, if you put the front runner ANYWHERE on your ballot, you’re more likely to help them, even if they aren’t your first choice.
Yes, that’s right. I am hoping we abolish this system after this election and send it back to the east coast lefties who sold us this snake oil, and we can go back to honest elections.
In the meantime there is one solution to the corruption at City Hall – vote for ANYONE but ED LEE. Vote for whomever you want, but for the love of God and City, don’t put this thug’s name anywhere on your ballot.
If you’re wondering who to vote for, three reformers come to mind: Public Defender Jeff Adachi, an effective administrator, author, businessman and filmmaker, City Attorney Dennis Herrera, an effective reformer who fought for gay marriage and is against the Central Subway to Hell, and Assessor Phil Ting, who’s trying to run a campaign not based on lies, but instead asking voters to help create solutions at City Hall.
These are just a few, but whatever you do, vote for ANYONE BUT ED LEE. We can’t afford another four years of corruption and lies and Willie Clown Brown and his minions.
Artwork created by Eric of Baghdad By the Bay.

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