Approve of Occupy Oakland? Don’t Approve? Either Way, Jean Quan F*cked Up

Whether you support Occupy Oakland or if you think they should not be at Ogawa Plaza at night, there’s one thing everyone can agree on: “Mayor” Jean Quan is a complete f*ck up. Her lack of leadership, lack of accountability, and past failures regarding public safety came to a head and the result is that now people worldwide know just how much Oakland sucks.
Listening to Jean Quan’s babbling at the press conference, it was clear she was in way over her head, and resorted to invoking Bil Keane’s “Not Me” as often as she could. Apparently Ms. Quan (the same “Mayor” who can’t be bothered to maintain her home) had plenty of excuses, but never once said “the buck stops here” the way a real leader would.
Quan has never had a strong record on public safety to begin with, firing lots of Oakland police officers (only to have to re hire many once the crime rate soared) and the epidemic of violence plaguing the city, particularly African American citizens, has never been a priority for Quan to begin with. Heck one of her top advisors is a pro-criminal attorney (who, in an ironic twist, will represent protestors from Occupy Oakland).
Now, she’s found a new way to piss off everyone. For those who wanted the protestors out of the plaza at night, as per “the rules” she has failed miserably. The heavy handed response (which included critical wounding of an Iraq war vet) was way out of proportion, and inflamed the situation. Now, we have more people in the park, tensions are higher, and in response, last night Quan decided to let the protestors stay.
In other words, she was for beating them down before being against it. One day it’s a threat to the Republic if the protestors stay past 10pm, the next it’s peachy keen. What the f*ck? No matter which side you’re on, we can all agree that this isn’t how to run a city.
Quan’s non-management had an impact far beyond Oakland, however. Any plans by the SFPD to clear out the encampment at Justin Herman Plaza went out the window, because the last thing Temporary Mayor Lee’s political advisors were going to do was allow him to pour more gas on Quan’s flames. More importatnly, the images of Oakland went worldwide, and today we have people marching all over the world, protesting Quan’s incomptence and mishandling of a delicate situation.
Finally, a word about the ranked choice system that gave us Jean Quan in the Mayor’s office: it sucks. She never had much support, her election was due to a flawed system, and now, thanks to that, we have a so-called “mayor” who isn’t up to the job, and has no support.
One wonders what will happen on Election Day in SF as voters are subjected to this bullshit system and who might end up as Mayor. No matter what happens in November, I predict we in SF will show once again why we’re better than Oakland, and send RCV to the dustbin of history so we avoid the potential of a Jean Quan in office here at home.
UPDATE: Now Ms. Quan has completely capitulated to OccupyOakland. So basically all the violence and cracking veteran’s skulls were totally unecessary. She’s now pissed off everyone at City Hall and everyone at OccupyOakland because, well, she has no idea what the f*ck she’s doing. Time to resign, Jean, you’re just not up to the job.
Also, if you’d like to help out Scott Olsen, the vet critically injured by Quan’s indecisive “leadership, here’s a link to some resources so you can get involved.

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