If the “Tea Party” Was Truly Hardcore, They’d Make Palin or Beck Speaker…

It’s post election time, and I’m tossing out these Deep Thoughts for fun…let’s see which one wigs people out the most….
It’s assumed that Rep. John Boehner is going to be Speaker of the House under Republican rule. That’s because he’s been the Minority Leader so far, and it’s assumed he’ll be the Speaker.
The thing is, he doesn’t have to be. In fact, if these Tea Party people would read the Constitution they apparently cherish, they’d realize anyone can serve as Speaker, member of Congress or not. They only have to have the same eligibility requirements (naturalized citizen, 25, etc.) It just has to be the vote of the majority of members of Congress.
So if Tea Baggers wanted say, Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin (!) to be their Speaker, if they could convince a majority of their colleagues to do this, well, it’d be perfectly legal. Likely to happen? No. Could it happen? Absolutely.
It’d at least be a chance for these highly paid windbags to actually do something for the country instead of just talking all the time. It’d be interesting to say the least to see them have to give up talk show money, endorsement money, and speaking fees to sit there and figure out House rules to pass bills. But it would also be a chance to see if the Tea Party folks really believe what they say, or if they just wanted the job for the big pay increase and the big staffs and offices.
I’m guessing that these firebrands of the right will be too busy enjoying the perks of office and the benefits of being able to raise Big Money in DC to really care one way or the other, and will be too busy making sure to buy that new house in the DC suburbs. After all, one can’t be living in a shanty when voting against Government Spending, right?

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