And the Award for Epic Design Fail For Campaign 2010 Goes to…

This campaign season has been one of the worst in history in terms of the sheer amount of bullsh*t heaped onto the public via the media, and not just from Her Megness and Carlyfornicated and Uncle Jerry and about a million ballot measures. Combine that with some of the worst design I’ve ever seen, and my eyes are ready to bleed.

So imagine the amount of eyeball blood spilled when I saw this ad in the Sunset Beacon. I’ve shown this to professional designers and we all agreed – if they’d submitted this work to a client, they’d have been fired, and rightfully so.

What kills me is that the people who paid for this thing had a ton of cash, and it’s not like you can’t find decent print or web designers in San Francisco who understand political advertising.

Anyway, more political razzies as events warrant.

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