A Cure for the Haterade Some San Franciscans Insist on Serving During Fleet Week

admaad2.gifThe Blue Angels began their practice runs today, and inevitably an elite squad of San Franciscans have to dump the haterade all over it because it “offends” them in some way. Blogs get flooded with the usual junk, and we have to listen to the equation “If we didn’t spend X dollars on the Blue Angels we could spend X dollars on [insert cause or whatever here]” over and over.
Meanwhile, most of us dig the Blue Angels. But I have a cure for at least some people who have to complain. If you must, do this – pretend the Blue Angels are the Viper force in the Battlestar Galactica episode “Exodus, Part 2” when the Galactica dropped through the sky, launched the Vipers, and helped kick some Cylon ass and save the humans.
There. See, feels kinda cool, doesn’t it? No need for the haterade now.

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