I’m No Fan of Gavin Newsom, But Abel Maldonado is a Liar Liar Pants On Fire

I’m no fan of Gavin Newsom, and that’s not exactly a state secret. 7 years of ruining Muni and showboaty, go-nowhere policies and big pay raises to city workers has left the city a mess. That said, when I saw the infamous convention video that appointed Lt. Gov put out over the weekend, I was just blown away by some of the big lies in this thing and even I found it rather unfair. You know when something’s up when even a big critic of the Mayor thinks the guy is being picked on unfairly.
Anyone can rip on Mayor Newsom with an endless array of provable facts. The fact that despite this, the Maldonado camapign felt a need to put a BIG ASS LIE in the middle of it made me realize that I’m going to have to write in someone for this because while I don’t like seeing Newsom get a promotion he doesn’t deserve, I sure as Hell can’t vote for Abel either.
The lie? Well in the video they mention the death of an SFPD officer in 2006. Then they cut to a video of Newsom being interviewed by Dan Noyes of ABC7 in San Francisco. It’s the famous “mad clap” video where he goes off on Noyes. You can find it at 4 minutes and 10 seconds in to the video (btw which has terrible editing. WTF?)
The problem is, Noyes wasn’t asking him in 2006 about the death of an SFPD officer. Instead it was shot in 2007, and Noyes was asking about the many allegations of Newsom’s alcohol abuse that were swirling around him as that and that other scandal were making its way out on the Series of Tubes.
Amazing. They had to edit a lie instead of just tell the truth. For no good reason. Yeah, we really want either one of these guys a heartbeat from the Governor’s office. Time to write in your favorite celebrities or something!

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