Tribute to Bob Wilkins, former KTVU TV Personality and Good Guy

capcoscard.jpgThis is sad seems Bob Wilkins, former host of Creature Features and Captain Cosmic on KTVU died this week. If you were around in the Bay Area in the 1960’s and 1970s, no doubt you remember Bob’s programs and his unique personality he brought to Bay Area TV. This was back when local TV stations weren’t all owned by chains, and produced original local programming (instead of gutting all local content and all local news like they do now).
Being a nerd growing up, I of course watched Captain Cosmic, who broadcast Japanese monster TV shows and old 1930s serials like “Flash Gordon” and had a Decoder Card. I even got a chance to meet him as a kid and got a signed picture as well. (I’m so glad nerd stuff like this is mainstream – it sure wasn’t back in 1978). My biggest regret is missing an event at the Parkway Theater several years ago where he brought Robot 2T2 out of retirement and hosted a Halloween event in costume!
So in honor of Bob and his work over the years, here’s some videos. RIP Bob.

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