UPDATED: When “Progressive” Becomes A Synonym For “Lying A**hole” : Case Study with Steve Jones, Guardian City Editor

I’ve never made a secret of what I do for a living – anyone can find my LinkedIn profile or my resume online, and so on. I’ve also created several blogs to voice my opinions for fun, including the N Judah Chronicles and BSG fanblog Adama for President. And, as a result, I’m often asked to contribute writing and analysis for private compaines, often because of the work I put on display here.
So it was funny to get an email from Steve Jones, the City Editor of the Bay Guardian, who wrote this rambling, nonsensical note, apparently upset that I don’t worship at the altar of Public Power, and was asked to come work for those opposed to the $4 billion power grab by Supervisors Daly, et al:

So you troll the blogs calling people out for not being progressive enough, and now you’re PG&E’s bitch. I hope they’ve paid handsomely for your soul, you hypocritical scumbag.

(I penned a short, polite response to Mr. Jones, sans profanity and homophobia, but I won’t post it until he sends another insult via Facebook. Folks shouldn’t have to read private correspondence online.)
UPDATE: You can see a transcript of the silliness here. You can see how unhinged (and how much of a liar) he is. Despite the fact that I always said I was working on the campaign once I got hired, and despite the fact I complied with all the rules, and went overboard to make sure that people knew what I was doing, he’s just too angry, stubborn and stupid to admit he’s printed lies. Oh, and I wonder if his bosses ever just picked up the phone and screamed insults at their subjects like he did.
I love the part about “corporate sponsorships in Seattle and the East Coast.” Um, dumbass, I didn’t have a blog in Seattle, I never published anything back then, and I worked in fundraising for legislative candidates. East Coast? Yeah, the corporations sure were hard at work electing Mark Green in 2001 or Felix Arroyo in 2003 in Boston. I guess if all you have is anger, stupidity, and a blind belief in outdated Marxist bullshit, you don’t need to do any work. Or admit you’re a foil for the Yes On H campaign.

Um, whatever. The first part of his little note (gotta love that junior college journalism degree writing there) makes no sense, but the last part just sounds childish. I mean really, my “soul?” I didn’t realize the method of transmitting power to customers involved the spiritual realm, but according to the Great and Wise Mr. Jones, it does.
Now remember, folks, this is someone who claims to be a “journalist” but in fact is a partisan as any “flak” for a cause or candidate. Pot calling kettle black, for sure.
Thin skinned and a poor journalist, I’ve had some exchanges with Mr. Jones about the medicority the Bay Guardian has slid into. And each exchange reinforces what I’ve believed all along – Mr. Jones just doesn’t have the temprament to be a reporter and just isn’t a very nice guy. Some of his former colleagues have confirmed that notion.

Let’s not forget that I’ve been a long time reader of the Guardian who’s become quite critical of their descent into bland, mediocre journalism and their lack of coverage of local news. When I did so, I presented a point of view and always tried to be respectful, while at the same time criticizing a journalistic institution that I felt needed to improve to keep up with the times.
When I criticized Jones’ flowery article about Warren Hellman you’ll note I never called him “Hellman’s bitch” – but I guess in the world of progressives, a foul mouth is required to be listened to as opposed to a reasoned opinion that differs from what Steve believes I must think.
I don’t know exactly when the word “progressive” became synonymous with “a**hole” but when it did, I began to question whether voting progressive in San Francisco was such a good idea. It seems like local progressives revel in foul language, insults, and attacking people for not following their views, to the letter, and have blown the chances they had to really do something positive. Instead we get a lot of political games, and life for those of us who go to work every day and have to make a living in our hometown gets a little worse.
I can sometimes go a little over the top with commentary, but I try to be as respectful as possible, and stick to the facts as I know them. On the rare occasion something I’ve done causes hurt feelings, I’ve always apologized right away and patched things up, since at the end of the day, we all have to live here, and nothing’s worth getting really angry about, unless it’s literally a life or death issue.
That said, as I see my hometown slide into a failwhale stew with a transit system that does not work, a crime rate out of control, and a radical division between the very wealthy and the very poor, and see local “journalism” become a caricature of what it used to be, I’m not going to sit down and shut up because angry, mean people like Chris Daly and Steve Jones tell me to. I will continue to speak up and exercise my right to freedom of speech, and if people don’t like it, there are a million other blogs they can read instead to make themselves feel better.
Mr. Jones and the editor and publisher of the Guardian may think that using foul language and personal insults advances their publication and reputation, the fact would suggest otherwise.
And, let’s not forget one good thing about the Guardian – their readers DID vote The N Judah Chronicles “Best Local Blog.” Sometimes the people truly do lead.
PS: Steve’s sending a flurry of nasty emails via Facebook. I guess there’s not a lot of work to do so he has time to goof off at work. One thing though – I never voted for myself for the Guardian nod – although Mr. Jones, in his inimitable style, is now making up lies saying I “stuffed the ballot box.” Once again, the Guardian has to tell lies to advance an agenda. Typical “progressive” San Francisco.
UPDATE: Jones has now taken more of his time from his day job to post a snotty, blog post, full of MORE LIES! He even stole a photo from me to attack me! The man is either crazy or a sociopath to lie this much in one post. When do the adults take back the Guardian and keep their boy in line?
Read for yourself Steve’s insane, angry emails, which pile on lies and an obsession with attacking anyone who doesn’t toe the party line. Clearly this is what passes for leadership at the Guardian these days.
UPDATE 2: I want to thank everyone for sending in such kind messages of support over the last day. I really appreciate it, and I’ll continue to work on the N Judah Chronicles, despite what the Guardian tries to do to tear it down. You people rock.

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