Tired Catch Phrase of the Day: “Agent of Change” vs. “Agent of C.H.A.N.G.E.”

Every political season we get a mix of the tried-and-true soundbits**, and we get a few new ones that the Smart People decide really “click” with the voters and use them, ad nauseam, on every single campaign from president to dog-catcher.
Today, I want to make a plea to politicians, politickers, and whatnots in the Big Media to please take a flamethrower to the dossiers and computers that suggested one use the term “agent of change” in any political related materials, now and forevermore.
It’s a meaningless phrase, tossed around even more so as the One Guy who talked about Change suddenly got popular, and then suddenly EVERYONE wanted to Talk About Change, and How They’re an Agent of it.
Folks, unless you are literally an Agent of C.H.A.N.G.E. (Cannibalistic Humanoid Aboveground Nuclear Germanic Enemas), CONTROL, SPECTRE, or some other spy-related organization with the cool logo and gun to prove it, please, find a new way to talk about your tireless work on the amendment to subsidize puppies and rainbows.
Think of the Children.
**Note: I meant to say “soundbits” not “soundbites,” so grammar/spelling posse, put away the rope and the branding iron. Please?

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