Speed Racer Friday Fun! UPDATED!

It’s Friday, and it’s the big day for the weirdest remake I’ve heard of, Speed Racer. To celebrate the movie a few links…first from the always awesome io9.com sci fi blog we have this clip of the original, non-dubbed opening of Speed Racer…

and of course the SNL parody with George Clooney:

The LA Times has this really interesting set of pictures, with comments from the set designers, too that’s worth checking out.
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UPDATE Somehow, the good citizens at Hulu.com managed to discover this humble blog, and alerted me to the fact you can watch dubbed version of Old School Speed Racer online!
The fact that someone, anyone even reads this blog, much less made the effort to alert me to this, well it just made what was a crappy Friday much better. (oh and while I watched this as a kid I forgot the southern-style songsters who did the original theme song…)

And to continue the fun, here’s the version of Sponge’s tribute to the OG Speed Racer theme in English, mashed up with snippets from the new movie..

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