Ok, Now I’m Begging: Got Political Junk Mail? Send it Over To Me!

I never thought the day would come when I would not be getting an assortment of political junk mail, but, for some reason this year I’ve received maybe 4 pieces, total. I get more mail from the folks who run LinuxWorld or the good people at Netflix than from the many causes and candidates.
So, now I’m begging – if you’re getting buried under piles of appeals for people running for DCCC, State Senate, or whatever, email me and let me know what you have, and I can either arrange to pick something up or you could just send me a JPEG of the many dead trees in your recycle bin.
What little I have will be scanned and placed in this year’s Direct Mail Disinfo Rehab Archive, but the more the better! At this rate, all I’ll have to debunk are a few flyers and the endless email spam a certain out-of-town candidate for Congress keeps bombarding me with.

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