Be A Nosy Neighbor With Fundrace 2008!

If you’re bored at work and have that urge to be a nosy neighbor, check out Fundrace 2008, which is now being hosted this season at the (sigh) Huffington Post.
You can type in an address, a city, a name or even just a zip code and start finding out who’s donating to whom, right in your own neighborhood. It’s a mashup of Google Maps and the publicly available data from the Federal Elections Commission.
15 years ago, to get data of any sort like this meant either going to the FEC in Washington, D.C. and copying down the info yourself, or buying information from a vendor. Now, if you want to analyze and snoop around presidential campaign finances, all you have to do is get on the Series of Tubes Known As the Internet and poke around to your heart’s content. Hurrah for technology!

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