Get Off The Cross, Hillary, We Need The Wood!

One of the things I absolutely cannot stand about “politicians” is their inherent victim-complex that pops up when things get tough. Case study: Sen. Hillary Clinton’s tearful, “poor me” appeal to voters in New Hampshire, as polls now seem to show a big lead for Sen. Barack Obama.
Cry me a river, Senator. I’m sorry, but if you’re going into public service to make the big bucks or expect accolades from your millions of minions, you’re in it for the wrong reason. So tearfully appealing to voters about how tough it is for you because you’ve been on the cross, a martyr for La Causa, and you’re not getting enough toys, gifts and votes as a result makes most of us want to gag. (Especially after seeing the millions hubby Bill has been making on the rubber chicken circuit, and the millions you’ve made since becoming a Senator with all the access being the wife of an ex-President got you).
No one is “owed” anything in a supposed democratic republic such as ours, and if you want to be a public servant and put yourself out there for the cause, great. But don’t come around with your millions of campaign dollars and expensive, slick campaign machine, and tearfully beg for votes because you are “owed” them for all those years you spent traveling the globe in Air Force One as First Lady or whatever. Plenty of people do lots of things to help their fellow citizens, and they don’t get book deals or get to be a US Senator. When’s their parade?
More to the point, elections aren’t coronations for the elite. If the messy process of voting is that terrifying to Senator Clinton’s campaign, maybe she should go back to making money as a big corporate lawyer, and leave the messy business of running the country to those who can take a hit once in a while in the rough and tumble that is American politics.

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