“Change” Isn’t an Issue, it’s a Theme, Folks…

How dumb do you have to be to report about national politics these days? Case in point – every TV news yakker and whatnot all saying that “change is the issue” because Obama and Huckabee won the Iowa caucuses.
“Change” is not an “issue,” it’s a thematic element. What is the “change issue,” pray tell? It’s an example of how the media love to engage in buzzwords and spend most of their time responding to the word of the day, instead of really reporting anything.
For me, the most interesting thing was hearing Obama speak the other day, noting that in the past, you could get a lot of Democrats to show up to an event because they hated Bush’s policies – but that now, folks were looking to the future, and more people were showing up because they want to be for something that will change the broken dynamic that has failed to do much of anything worthwhile for anyone not in the elite.
That’s going to hurt Hillary “I was married to a President so I should be President” Clinton, who really doesn’t have a whole lot to say about anything that’s going to make things much different than they are now. If anything, she’s the kind of person as President who’d happily bomb people in another country just to show a pollster how “tough” she is. But she really doesn’t care much about the problems you or I face.
At least Obama’s trying!

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