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Translation after the jump – please read before flaming!

Today, I’m playing a prank on myself and trying to boost my Google Ads by talking about the most popular dude on the planet, Dr. Ron Paul.
Now don’t get me wrong, I am glad that someone with his plain-spoken style, and his views, as an actual Republican who actually believes in limited government and taxes, is getting his message out and getting people not normally into politics to take an active role in the elections this year.
To me it’s no different than when Dr. Dean, Gov. Jerry Brown, or any one of a number of populist candidates harnessed frustration, hope and idealism to try and make a difference. I do think that Dr. Paul is lucky in that nowadays people can communicate and network with each other around town and around the country easily and cheaply. This has facilitated many supporter driven movements, such as his now famous “5th of November” one-day fundraiser that raised like, a zillion dollars in one day.
So, that said, today I thought I’d have a little light hearted, not-attacking-Dr. Paul fun and write my post entirely in the words “Ron Paul” to see what happens to my Google ranking. Don’t flame me , please – I knew about Ron Paul back in 1988 when he ran as the Libertarian candidate, and I even have a stash of Paul for President (and even an Ed Clark for President in 1980!) campaign memoribilia, right next to my box of Anderson/Lucey brochures and buttons.
Enjoy the fun, and remember – Ron Paul!
*and don’t forget Ross Perot in 1992!

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