More Fun with Ron Paul: RP08 Fans in the “Fansub” Community Once Again Put SF “Progressives” To Shame

Give credit where credit is due – the Ron Paul supporters once again show what self-starters they are in this screenshot. For the uninitiated, this a screenshot from Tokyo Toshokan, a directory of websites offering bittorrent files for “fansubs” (Japanese television programs and other media not yet licensed into the US market).

Here, someone has posted a number of files and changed the “Fansub” group name to “RonPaul2008” so anyone searching for this particular program (a show on Japanese television called Dennou Coil, which is actually quite good) will see a short message on behalf of Dr. Paul’s candidacy.

Once again, the self reliance and self-starting creativity of Ron Paul supporters shows up, shaming San Francisco’s “progressives” for their total lack of ability to organize this past year in the Mayoral race, etc.

You’d think that in such an allegedly liberal town, the many, many gossipers, staffers, self-proclaimed Important Progressives, and others would self-start in the way the Paul supporters do, but I guess it’s much easier to sit around and complain about Gavin and Nancy and waste time on nonsense than it is to do something.

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