Yeah, I Voted for Mayor Newsom. SFW?

So there’s some election or something going on today. And I keep getting asked by folks “Whoyagonnavotefor?” and up until now I have kept silent on the matter, not wanting to legitimize a joke election cycle with more chatter. But since so many people asked, I voted weeks ago for Gavin Newsom and that’s pretty much it. SFW?
In the end, I just couldn’t bear to waste my time and that of taxpayer funded minions to hand count a bunch of stupid ranked-choice votes that don’t mean squat. I think I voted for “H Brown” for my second choice because I know him and he’s always nice to me, but really, who cares? The whole ranked choice process is an exercise in wasting taxpayer dollars and time (remember how the People Who Knew Best pushed this electoral turd as a way to “save money” and “get more people to vote?”).
Sure the Mayor’s done little to improve MUNI or make City Hall work more efficiently, and his obsession with aging technology is a distraction (as was, um, you know what) but when it was clear this election cycle was going to be the joke that it was, who was I suppose to vote for?
More importantly, it is time that rational, independent San Franciscans send a message to the disorganized band of vaguely articulate folks who call themselves “progressives” that running around in circles, posting comments on blogs and chat boards, calling each other at night and gossiping, and worshiping at the Altar of Magical Matt is no way to show you’re serious about running this city.
The progressive era as defined by Those Who Opposed Willie Brown In 2000 is dead dead dead, and voting for a non serious candidate like “Quintin Mecke” is just trying to pump life into a corpse already buried. It’s time to change tactics, kids, and if you keep doing what you’re doing, by 2011 you’ll be a vague memory totally irrelevant to those of us who work for a living.
It’s unfortunate that the Mayor is winning by forfeit, but maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe, after progressives finally lose their Board Majority, and Proposition A goes down to defeat and H wins, someone or a gathering of someones will pull it together and find a better way to get organized and make this city run properly.
I, for one, shall not be holding my breath. An opportunity was lost and the undertow of progressive failure is likely to pull down a lot of good people and ideas with it.
So, folks, sit down, and shut up. Mayor Newsom is your Mayor for 4 more years whether you whine about it or not. You had your chance to do something and failed. Now you will learn what it means when people say “elections have consequences.” Just like when you folks supported Nader over Gore in 2000. And we know how well that worked for all of us.

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