Why Write An Entry When You Can Link To A Good One: A Great Take on Our Non Election from “Down the Avenue”

Why write an entry of the recent non-election snoozefest, when you can link to a nice concise post like this one from a blog I found on Technorati, Down The Avenue. I especially liked this part:

Is this the legendary California “whatever” attitude? Is he in the waxing phase of our media-culture cycle of building up and tearing down our heroes? Is it the Clinton apologia, a cute boy running the show who just refuses to grow up, but what are you gonna do? And, he has so much charisma?
Or maybe all of us just complain, but are in truth perfectly happy here because it’s warm enough for palm trees, it is breathtaking when you drive up and over one of the hills and see the water and the bridges and Marin. Oh, and the restaurants are great even though the price to pay for all that is a real estate market that is above most people’s probable reach.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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