Who’s Paying For Matt Gonzalez’s Non-Campaign Campaign Ads?

While most have been watching the daily soap opera As The Supervisor Turns, detritus and miscellany from progressive theater production continues to find its way on stage. Although right now things have ended in tears for more than one aspiring politico, and the Mayor is using the disarray on the other side to his advantage, there’s a hint of Act III, right here in my Google Mail.

If you look closely at those “targeted” Google ads that popped while reading all about Our Mayor in the news, you’ll see an ad for Matt Gonzalez for Mayor. Clicking it takes you to the site he’s had since 2003, but the ad copy itself clearly was written recently.

It’s especially interesting as it comes as Beyond Chron ran an article suggesting that Matt could be the Great Healer for the Progressives.

I’m just wondering who paid for this ad, and how they did it. Google isn’t in the business of giving away ads for free. Does this mean Matt is finally going to bless us with a run for office? Anyone? Anyone?

More to the point, is it too late? Even after all those laws that were passed? Anyone? Anyone?

Don’t ask me, I have no idea. Let’s see what happens…

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