The International Blogger’s Union, Local 20-Deep, Thanks Ed Jew , The Ol’ Gil of SF Politics!

On behalf, once again, of the International Blogger’s Union, Local 20-Deep, I want to take a moment to thank Supervisor Ed Jew, and his house in my home town of Burlingame for the work they’ve done to ensure that hard working local bloggers have the material they need to keep on writing.
All it took was being the ol’ Gil of SF politics, coming up with a weird little plan that made little political or common sense. Add to that the whole residency thing, and a continuing chain of odd comments to the press and bingo! Blogger heaven.
Thanks, Ed, and we appreciate your hard work making sure that tapioca chains pay money to your playgrounds in the Sunset. Without you, we’d have nothing to write about since the “progressives” wussed out of the Mayor’s race and all the fun we had with Bumblebee Girl and Mayor McDreamy seems to have died down.

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