The Definition of Insanity Strikes Again in San Francisco

It’s been said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, and expect different results. One could easily apply this to those who insist all we need is Yet Another 60’s Style Protest to “end” the Iraq War. Once again, these flyers are sprouting like mushrooms all over the city.
Fine. Here’s the problem. Not only is it questionable if old-fashioned, 60’s-style, “march in the streets and be loud” protests are really effective anymore, it’s also time for someone (or many someones) to clean house with regards to who runs these things.
We’re at a point now where an overwhelming number of Americans nationwide are giving the President a big thumbs down for job performance. That’s everywhere not just in hippie SF. More importantly, a clear majority now state they believe the war in Iraq was a mistake.
With all that, plus the unexpected win of opposition Democrats, you’d think by now these “protests” would be run by a broad range of mainstream political and social groups, and not be run primarily by authoritarian extremists.
Bzzt. Think again.

I’ve talked a little in the past the myriad of problems with A.N.S.W.E.R, who have done a great job figuring out the permit process and how to sucker people into plastering the city with their propaganda.
Unfortunately for the 2/3’s of America who a) oppose the war and b) aren’t jerks, if they brave the crowds to show up, they’ll be treated to all sorts of radical anti-American, anti-Semitic, and pro-dictator tirades that would make most people sick.
And so it goes, as it has for quite a while in urban areas – the extremists run the show, the mainstream is turned off, and wavering politicians get their “out” to do nothing. At best, we’re treated to re-enactments of protests from 40 years ago (much like those folks who re-enact Civil War battles in costume), and the media gets their chance to say “see, the hippies are at it again.”
Lost in all of this is that it’s no longer a “lefty” view to say the Iraq war was a mistake – plenty of people on all sides of the spectrum, and plenty of regular folks, think the war’s gone terribly. But where do they go? Not with the pack of extremists on stage on March 13th.
And yet, we’ll be treated to more of these. The war will continue. The politicians will dither. And we can thank the well-organized extremists for more false debate, and misrepresentation as to who really thinks this war is a mistake.
Now that is insane.

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