Friday Road to Hades: T-Shirts for Sale!

Whilst trying to think of a way to uplift the political dialogue in Our Fair City, I came up with….nothing. Especially after this week’s shenanigans, and some of the nonsense over at the Mayor’s re-election site. (SFist? “Mean but Funny?” WTF?)
Instead, I came up with the first of (potentially many) snarky T-shirts for sale here at my new storefront, Pantograph Productions, provided by the good citizens of GoodStorm.
The first round of shirts include a spoof of NBC’s breakout hit Heroes, in light of recent events at, and a few others, as well as a prototype design for my other blog, the N Judah Chronicles.
Now, before you fire off your angry emails and comments, be aware of the fact that yes, I know I’m going to Hell for this. Then again, I was most likely headed there anyways, so I figured if this was a way to help pay off my webhosting bill, it was worth it.
Enjoy your Friday, and be sure to enjoy the warm weather and a Saturday St. Patrick’s Day this weekend!

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